Capacity building to foster a culture of human rights and democratisation among vulnerable groups

Project title: Capacity building to foster a culture of human rights and democratisation among vulnerable groups
Duration: January 2007 December 2008


Funded by: European Commission (European Initiative for Democracy and Human rights - EIDHR Micro-Projects -DDH/2006/126-069)
Project Area: Aranayaka DS division, Kegalle district.
    The project has three partners implementing the project in their respective districts
    Kalutara District - Committee for People's Rights (CPR) (Main Partner)
    Ratnapura District - People's Development foundation (PDF)
    Kegalle District - Community Development Centre (CDC)
- Capacity building to foster a culture of human rights and democratisation among vulnerable groups
- Setting up of committees - A Steering Committee comprising of representatives of three partner organisations and being built. Three District Coordinating Committees are to be built in each district. Steering Committee and the District Coordinating Committee are held monthly.
- TOT programme and capacity building needs assessments of CBOs -  Needs assessments of CBOs to be conducted by an external organisation. Two Training-of-Trainers (TOT) programmes and two refresher courses are  to be held in the two year period by the Main Partner with the participation of trainers from 3 districts.
- CBO leaders programme - Two programme for the leaders of the community based organisations (CBOs) is to be held in year 1 and 2 in each district.
- Community leaders programme - A community leader programme and two refresher courses are to be held in each district for the community leaders. A special programme is to be held for religious leaders, who are among the traditional leaders of the community.
- Orientation program for legal officers - A special programme for the legal and state sector officials to introduce the proposed action and to orient them towards supporting the implementation of the proposed action. A total of 45 legal officers to be trained in all three districts.
- Sensitisation within the local CBOs - Selected persons who underwent the TOT programme and the CBO leaders to conduct a programme for all staff in their CBOs.
- Small group formation - Small groups known as 'Gami Jana Mandapa' to be established in a rate of 10 in each Divisional Secretariat division and 50 in each district. This is the village level structure to work with the people. These groups are to be meet every other month to discuss issues and resolve issues.
- Publications - 10 case studies are to be conducted in the 3 districts. A quarterly newsletter and a calendar will be issued by the main partner.
- Human Rights Day - A march and a rally to be held to mark the Human Rights Day with the participation of small group members and village community in each year.
Project photos:
  Participants of CDC at the Human Rights Day 2007  

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