Biodiversity conservation through the conservation of tuber varieties

Project title: Biodiversity conservation through the conservation of tuber varieties
Duration: August 2000 September 2001


Funded by: UNDP GEF/SGP (SRL/98/G52/011)
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Project Area: Aranayaka DS division, Kegalle district.
- Identify the varieties of tuber, documentation, encourage use of tuber based food products.
- Participation of CBOs for conservation.
- Generate demand for tuber and distribution within the area.
- Manufacturing of organic fertilizer.
- Develop home gardens, encourage and develop the cultivation of over 30 tuber varieties, collect data, identify and educate the growers of the value of these for consumption and sale.
- Awareness raising of biodiversity conservation.
Achievements/ Results:
- Successfully identified 50 indigenous varieties of tubers and yams.
- 100 selected women farmers from 15 villages were trained in organic farming and cultivated indigenous varieties in their farm lands.
- 100 selected women farmers were identified as advisers on cultivation of indigenous varieties of yams and tubers.
- 5 value added products from the yams such as salted chips and other fried food products, tried and marketed locally.
- 15 small groups of farmers formed in 10 villagers where the cultivation of yams had taken place firmly.
- 10 small CBOs formed in the 10 villages.
Project photos:
  Distribution of planting material  
  A butsarana plantation established  
  The harvest  
  Producing fried items from roots and tubers  

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