Membership and Management

  The Community Development Centre (CDC) membership consists of members of the farmer community and social activists and is governed by an executive board.  
  Membership of the CDC comprises of farmers, men and women, practising organic and agriculture. They are members of the low income groups who were marginalised in the community. Youth and children are associated with the CDC. The total individuals associated directly with the CDC are about 500 and the message and the benefits reaches to a total of 2,000 people.  
  There are other indirect beneficiaries of the CDC activities. Individuals and organizations from various parts of the country receive roots and tuber plants and seeds and trainings. University and school children use the resources for their researches and other studies.  
  Executive Board  
Mrs. Damayanthi Godamulla (Chairman/ CEO)
Mr. Amila Peramuna Board member
Mrs. C. G. Punchihami - Board member
Mr. P. R. Nissanka Bandara - Board member
Mrs. H. Anoma - Board member
Mr. Suresh Kumar - Board member
Mr. Nimal Hewanila - Board member

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Last updated: 15 September, 2008