About the Community Development Centre

  The Community Development Centre (CDC) is a community based organization working towards achieving a prosperous future through sustainable agriculture, with special attention on the cultivation of traditional and indigenous roots and tubers.  
  Our Vision  
  "A prosperous future through sustainable agriculture"  
  Our Mission  
  “Be an innovative, effective agent for  promotion of sustainable farming, and particularly, traditional knowledge and practices of  food culture in Sri Lanka, by way of mobilizing related institutions and people  through conducting research, training and other promotional activities, in order to support food security of the communities."  
  Brief History  
  A group of motivated social activists and community leaders got together in 1996 and formed a community organization with the aim of uplifting the living conditions of the marginalised community living in Aranayaka area in Kegalle district. The support of the Friends of Lanka movement in Kegalle was available for the organization.  
  At the initiation, the activities of the CDC were focussed to social mobilization and empowerment of people in ten selected villages. The community comprises from mainly rural agriculture based villagers and estate sector community. The community comprises members of all three major races in the country, Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims.  
  The CDC took action to organize the community as Small Groups which were established in these villages. Small agriculture related initiatives such as mushroom faming and livestock management was started. A revolving fund was started for the purpose of providing low or no interest loans for the members, farmers.  
  While the activities continue, the CDC identified few farmers practicing traditional agriculture in these villages, who were engaged in cultivating traditional roots and tubers. Their knowledge was identified and varieties were identified. A new programme was launched to conserve traditional roots and tubers through cultivation. At present this is the major programme of the CDC. About 55 varieties of roots and tubers are identified and 36 varieties are cultivated at present. Few specialised projects were implemented to promote the cultivation of these traditional roots and tubers.  
  The organization has now expanded and works in about 18 villages, where the direct benefits reach a total more than 2,000 individuals in the area. The villages in Aranayaka DS division with which the CDC works include;Kalwana, Waharakgoda, Nikapitiya, Gevilipitiya, Attapitiya, Epalawa, Moragammana, Leelagama, Udagama, Uduwewela, Ambadeniya Watta, Kariyagama, Godigamuwa, Boraluwa, Dikwatta, Uduwewela Watta, Erawpola and Wattekade division. Apart from these, the CDC works in 5 villages in Dikwella DS division in Matara district.  

Funding agencies



• Sri Lanka Nature Forum (SLNF)
• Integrated Development Association (IDEA)
• National Nature Farming Network (NNFN)
• Friends of Lanka (FoL)
• Green Movement of Sri Lanka (GMSL)

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  The logo of the CDC reflects the agricultural development through community participation.  

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